Things to know



Costa Rica is 9 degrees north of the Equator. Always humid tropical weather.  research when you want to go.

Tamarindo is 1 hour from the Liberia Airport and 5 hours from San Jose

High season is December 1st thru April 30th

Sunset is around 6-6:30 every night all year

Spanish is the Primary language spoken in Costa Rica.  However, most of the hospitality and merchants in the more populated areas speak excellent English

If you don't want to drive, there are two small aircraft airlines in Costa Rica. Nature Air and Sansa Air. Both can take you from the Tamarindo airport to anywhere you want to go.

Tamarindo has several really great eateries and nice restaurants

The local beers have a German

Influence and are delicious

The local grocery stores carry a wide variety of familiar products including liquor, beer, and a nice selection of wines. really fresh produce is scarce, but anything else you want is there.

Driving can be very challenging.  Many of the roads are not paved and make for very rough going. There are several very nicely paved roads in the country, just know where you are going before you head out

Rainy Season is  May 15 thru October 15th

  You will be a guest in a foreign country. A third world country, or  if   you like, an  emerging nation.  US laws  do not apply.  You must carry papers to show that you are in the country legally.  Costa Rica does allow you to carry a copy of your passport ,so you can lock the original in the room safe.  You will need the original passport to book a room or rent a car. 

common  sense and an adventurous spirit is your secret to a great time


Everyone needs a hat and sunscreen!  No excuses